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Education DAO

Preserve and maintain the collective knowledge of web3, sustainably

Why Education DAO?

The advent of public blockchain networks created a fundamental change in how information is generated and shared.

The catalyst began with Bitcoin, evolved with Ethereum and now a multitude of chains, dapps and innovations exist on blockchain networks.

Previous generations of information technology have often fallen into the pattern of people in silos: self-contained teams or entities–building products for consumers. This means that if we want to gain information about a certain technology, we need to visit the company’s documentation and resources.

Open-source software projects attempt to provide access to technology tools outside of such silos. Because they often lack a funding model, this requires massive amounts of unpaid, invisible, and unappreciated labor.

One of the core propositions of blockchain technology has been the creation of self-sustaining technology without an external profit motive.

With this new reality, we can exchange and reimagine the following:

⭐ closed silos for open communities,

🌟 centralized platforms for open-source protocols that work the same for everyone, and

🌠 consumers for builders and community stakeholders.

Public blockchains allow for information to be stored and accessible indefinitely. What’s more, they allow for us to have objective trust about how that information is changed, and by whom: because all those changes and their attributions are open and public.

Ironically, most of the information about how we’re building this technology is housed in legacy centralized systems, subject to the same whims of impermanence, censorship, and loss that the rest of the Internet has. If this doesn’t sound familiar, ask yourself: what happened to all the content on MySpace?